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OG Better Backstrap

OG Better Backstrap

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This seasoning is right at home pan frying some sliced whitetail steaks at deer camp or roasting fresh elk over a fire in the mountains.  Our goal at Better Backstrap is to make those unforgettable moments after the hunt just a little bit better! Better Backstrap is a gluten free seasoning! 

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Gilbert
Good sh!+

Keep it in stock. It's hard to beat on any wild game.

Raymond Kiendl
Blackstrap Versus Aldi brand

I purchased Backstrap because we were getting low on the Aldi brand that we have enjoyed. Unfortunately you can’t always get exact replacements there so I tried yours. Having eaten it several times now and we like the flavor. I’m glad you held off on the salt which most seasonings rely on. I actually had to add additional salt when I ate it, which is good. Only negative was price for both seasoning and shipping

Robert Shikles

This is my new go to seasoning!

Mark Scott
good for me

I have tried a few times on venison steaks, backstrap and bergers. Everyone was very good for my taste buds. I did start out lightly seasoning and found for the flavors I was looking for I had to use more, but once I found the right amount the wife and I really liked it!

Steve M
Tasty, kind of reminds me of a great restaurant "blackened" seasoning

I used some backstrap medallions, dunked in olive oil, then rolled in Better Backstrap. Kept in fridge almost a full day before cooking and the flavor was great! Reminded me of the blackened seasoning you might get on a tuna steak or chicken at a great restaurant. I really was impressed by the look of my strap cuts once cooked, this seasoning made them look fantastic, which is not something you normally notice. Next time I might go a little lighter on the seasoning, as I did find it a touch salty, but when pared with something milder like steamed vegies it was a really wonderful meal! And the meat grilled with B.B. warms up really well too if you're in a hurry and just 'wave' it lightly.